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Please watch this video to learn about some legal aspects of social media threats. This video is meant to inform and educate parents and students about the severity of such behavior and possible consequences for social media threats. Watch the video here.

Please read the attached letter from Dr. Dace regarding recent events at QSD.

Congratulations to Quitman School District…

Quitman School District is proud to announce we have partnered with Cloudflare as a part of the Project Cybersafe Schools. Project Cybersafe Schools is an initiative to strengthen America’s K-12 school’s cybersecurity amidst growing ransomware attacks. This new program will provide a suite of Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions to give small school districts faster, safer Internet browsing and email security – at no cost, and with no time limit. Through this effort, QSD now has the technology to keep our school’s infrastructure safe from harmful threats and it allows us to continue to modernize and strengthen our security measures and protect our staff and students from a wide variety of threats.

After partnering with Project Cybersafe Schools, Quitman School District found the Cloudflare software to be very effective in identifying malicious threats to our technology infrastructure. Cybersafe Schools was announced in August at the White House and they have a keen interest in the success of the program as well as continuing to promote it with eligible school districts. As the White House is continuing to push school cybersecurity, they recognized our positive results and requested an interview with Quitman School District about our experience with Cybersafe Schools. Through this process, QSD was contacted by the head of US Public Policy at Cloudflare about interviewing us to report our story and success with cyber security. Quitman School District was ultimately mentioned in a blog written by the head of US Public Safety at Cloudflare about cybersafe schools.

Quitman School District is honored to be a part of this initiative and is proud to be recognized as a successful cybersafe school.

Job Opportunities

All teachers and administrators, grades PreK-12, at Quitman School District had the opportunity to attend professional development from an wonderful former educator and worldwide presenter, Larry Bell. Mr. Bell motivated these educators to get the semester started in a positive and focused manner to ensure success for all of the students who attend QSD. Our faculty are blessed to have had this opportunity to learn from such a successful and motivating educator.

PAPER Online Tutoring Testimonials & Information


testimonial by a QUE 3rd grader


testimonial by a QUE 3rd grader


testimonial by a QUE 4th grader

Quitman School District is proud to offer the PAPER online tutoring services for students in grades 3-8. This service is available at school or home. PAPER offers tutors who can help with any subject or skill. Learn more about PAPER.

The Quitman School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion or age in the admission to and provision of educational programs, activities and services or employment opportunities and benefits. The District must also designate a compliance coordinator to respond to questions or complaints from applicants, employees, students, and other interested persons.

The name, address and telephone number of the designated coordinator is:

Superintendent Dr. Minnie Dace

Quitman School District

104 East Franklin Street

Quitman, MS 39355



Title IX Coordinator Brian Goodman

210 S. Jackson Ave. Quitman, MS 39355 ~ 601-776-3341 ~ bgoodman@qsdk12.org

Section 504 Coordinator Adam Boyette

200 S. Jackson Ave.Quitman, MS 39355 ~ 601-776-1053 ~ aboyette@qsdk12.org